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Hugo Romeu MD - Individual Bio

Hugo Romeu MD was born in Cuba, the son of a prominent and successful dentist and a Certified Public Accountant. In 1960, the family left behind a comfortable life to move to Chicago to escape the cruelty of the Castro regime. Hugo Romeu attended the best schools throughout his elementary years and graduated from Loyola Academy High School. He traveled extensively and studied at Loyola University in Chicago and Rome, Italy. He completed post-graduate work at the State University of New York and residencies at SUNY, St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee, and the Cook County Medical Examiners Office as part of his medical education.

Hugo Romeu MD's Early Career

After graduating from the Ross University School of Medicine in 1980 as a member of the school's first graduating class, Hugo Romeu MD served in the United States Army, providing medical care at a hospital in Germany. When he returned to civilian life, Dr. Romeu worked as the Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for various hospitals and other facilities worldwide. A passionate lifelong learner, Dr. Romeu also completed a Post Graduate Year 4 in the Forensic Pathology Residency Program at the Cook County Medical Examiners Office. He has more than 40 years of experience in various fields of medicine, including molecular pathology and forensic pathology.

Hugo Romeu MD's Work at RCE

Today, Dr. Romeu specializes in developing diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. With over 600 completed research trials to his credit, he is currently the managing partner of Romeu Clinical Enterprises, doing business as RCE Group USA in Miami, Florida, since 1995. Here Dr. Romeu leads a team of professionals in pathology, dermatology, clinical research, and other innovative areas. During the pandemic, Dr. Romeu redirected most of the company's resources to aid in the fight against COVID 19 through research into testing, diagnostics, and treatment. He also published a series of informative YouTube videos to help educate the public.

Hugo Romeu MD is proud of his company's contributions to the South Florida community. RCE is a Certified Community Health Center that provides various services to distressed areas with significant needs. The organization's diversified medical model includes primary healthcare, research, and health education. Since its founding by Romeu's great grandfather and his mother, RCE Group USA has achieved a 25-year track record of success. The family business model continues to operate effectively, as Dr. Romeu's daughter now works in the company.

Hugo Romeu MD's Professional Skills and Experience

Dr. Romeu is an experienced Executive Medical Director with many years of demonstrated success in health, wellness, and fitness. His patients' online reviews praise him online for taking the time to understand their problems. Dr. Romeu's extensive experience in clinical trials and research includes:

32 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease trials

41 diabetes trials

12 studies involving dermatology products

Seven rheumatology studies

15 device studies

16 HIV studies

Seven oncology and chemotherapy studies

12 weight loss studies

As a highly skilled professional in clinical pathology, laboratory medicine, anatomic pathology, forensic analysis, and research, Dr. Romeu maintains an international network of professional contacts, providers, and distributors. Romeu led the way on critical advances in COVID 19 testing and FDA submissions for antibody and antigen kits during the pandemic.

Hugo Romeu MD's Community Involvement

Dr. Romeu is an active member of the South Florida community, just as he has been for more than 30 years. His contributions to the community are numerous. About 25 years ago, Dr. Romeu founded Food for Life, which provides healthy vegetarian meals to homeless people and children in orphanages. From 2018 to 2019, Dr. Romeu served on the Board of Directors of Rimrock Gold Corporation.

Hugo Romeu MD works with the Street Medicine program through the University of Miami Medical School, providing care to the homeless population around the hospital complex. Romeu also volunteers with the VITAS Hospice program helping people without health insurance get diagnoses, medications, surgeries, and other treatments worldwide.

Hugo Romeu MD's Interests and Hobbies

Dr. Hugo Romeu is an active practitioner of transcendental meditation. Transcendental meditation is a meditative practice that bhakti yoga.. Advocates like Dr. Romeu believe it has benefits for physical and mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. He guides his patients on how to introduce transcendental meditation into their daily wellness routine. Dr. Romeu also practices Vaishnavism, which is one form of the yoga that focuses on remaining humble and dignified.

While he enjoys his work immensely, Hugo Romeu MD has many other interests and hobbies. He loves horses and enjoys show jumping along with other equestrian sports in his spare time. A devoted family man, Romeu has been married to his wife Frances, a former model, for more than 36 years. They have two daughters together and one daughter from a previous marriage.


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